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Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP) #3249


Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential - Clear


Clear Administrative Services Credential

Diplomate, American Board of School Neuropsychology 

General Education:

Secondary General Education teacher

Provided targeted interventions for secondary students in English skills including writing

Undergraduate admissions reviewer with the most prestigious public university in the world, UC Berkeley

Educational Psychologist Role

Knowledgeable about Deaf and Hard of Hearing student population K-12

Worked with juvenile hall student population assessing emotional disorders

Autism spectrum disorder K-22 ranging from mildly to severely impaired

Subject Matter Expert for the Board of Behavioral Sciences LEP Exam

Trainer of School Psychologists in school districts

Administrative Role

Built and ran a program for students with autism who have severe behavioral challenges and language deficits K-22.

Worked as a special education administrator with 16 districts supporting special education program development and instructional coaching of teachers, as well as providing professional development for school psychologists and special education teachers on a variety of topics.

A dedicated and knowledgeable educational psychologist with more than a decade of experience in the field in both general education and special education.

Radha Richmond, M.A., M.A., Ed.S, ABSNP, Licensed Educational Psychologist CA LEP #3249, has worked in the educational field since 2001 in various roles. She began her career first as a general education secondary teacher and private tutor, then went on to become a school psychologist, school administrator, special education administrator, college-level instructor, student mentor, non-profit developer, and most recently, as an educational psychologist practitioner working in private practice with students and adults of all developmental levels and ages (since 2011).  She has a passion for helping students meet their full potential.  She believes that the ultimate goal when working with students is to empower them to function as independently as possible.  Her experience has shown her that when educators, parents, and service providers work together, positive change is more likely for students.


Her mission is to provide the best possible assessment and intervention for children and youth experiencing difficulties in school. Her approach is based on an understanding of learning disabilites and related neuro-developmental disorders, knowledge of evidence-based practices, and the belief that all children are capable of growth and improvement through focused attention, appropriate intervention and supports, patience, caring, and of course practice!

Radha first worked as a general education teacher at the secondary level teaching social studies in a diverse urban school district. During this time she also worked for a prestigious public university in the Undergraduate Admissions department. She utilized the knowledge she gained from the experience to help the students at the high school she taught at by offering free workshops to seniors on college admissions and supported students in writing their personal essays for admission. She also volunteered her time to work with the UC Berkeley Early Academic Outreach Program to support high school students in Oakland to be college admission eligible by acting as a teaching assistant for courses they were taking at Laney College.  She also spent her summers working as a counselor for college admissions with high school students at various college admissions camps. Radha also worked as an English tutor for six years supporting secondary students in their writing skills and their vocabulary acquisition. She also worked as a tutor providing supplementary educational services to students in disadvantaged schools who needed remedial support.

From there Radha moved on to work at a university as a program manager for graduate education and teaching credential programs. During her time in that role, she also went back to school and completed her degrees in School Psychology and Educational Psychology, as she wanted to be able to help figure out on an individual level what may be impeding a student from learning.  Additionally, while in this role, Radha began a volunteer literacy program to teach adults to read.  Radha cultivated and led a team of literacy tutors and taught them the curriculum to support the needs of adults with reading challenges.


After completing the school psychology/educational psychology program, Radha began working as a school psychologist and had a myriad of experiences in that role serving a variety of students in public education from grades K-22, including mild moderate special education programs, moderate to severe special education programs, working with students in a Deaf and Hard of Hearing specialized program, students in the juvenile hall population, and students on the autism spectrum who ranged in severity from mild to severe.

Radha then served as a principal for special education programs and supported classroom teams in delivering quality instuction to students with special needs. She managed a behavioral program for students on the autism spectrum with severe behavioral challenges.  She worked closely with support staff including a behaviorist, occupational therapist and speech therapist to deliver quality programs that supported students with behavioral challenges to gain functional communication skills, learn how to self-regulate through sensory strategies, and access the curriculum in a meaningful and engaging way.

Radha then began work at the SELPA (special education local plan area) level supporting a variety of districts in their delivery of special education services to students. She has conducted a variety of professional developments trainings to school psychologists, special education teachers and other support staff on topics ranging from evidenced based practices for students with autism, to behavior intervention plan writing, to assistive technology supports for students with special needs, to best practices for assessment and identification of special education students, to name a few.  Radha is a seasoned and well respected trainer and presenter and has trained hundreds of people over the past 10 years.

n addition to this work, Radha also began a volunteer mentoring program for disadvantaged high school students and managed a team of 30 volunteer mentors who met with students on a weekly basis, following a set curriculum and providing check ins with school personnel to monitor student's progress and academic achievement. Radha ran this program for seven years before stepping down from the position to pursue other passions.

Radha teaches at St.Mary's College in the Special Education department, training new teachers in the field. She has taught classes such as Assessment, Learning Theory, Positive Behavior Supports, Teaching Students with Mild/Moderate Learning Disabilities, and Communication and Collaboration in Special Education. 

Radha has also served as a subject matter expert for the Board of Behavioral Sciences for the writing and review of the licensing examination for Licensed Educational Psychologists.

Radha pursued her licensure as an LEP (Licensed Educational Psychologist) in 2011 to continue her connection with families and students on the individual level as her passion continues to always be to help others! Radha has demonstrated through her work, as well as through her volunteer efforts, that helping students in the educational realm succeed and achieve is her lifelong mission and she is committed 100% to continuing to serve and help students and families.

Radha began working in private practice in 2013, first part time while working as a special education administrator, and then eventually full time. 

Throughout Radha's career, she has always pursued additional training and experience. 

Radha has been trained in applied behavioral analysis principals, and has been PECS Advanced level certified for supporting non-verbal student's communication needs.  She has supported student's behavioral needs and is trained in conducting functional behavioral analysis for students.

Radha has been trained in advanced techniques for the assessment of autism. She has also been trained in advanced assessment techniques for attention deficit disorders and memory issues.

Radha completed a one-year, competency based, post graduate training program in school neuropsychology, taught by the pre-eminent developer of the field of school neuropsychology. She conducts school neuropsychological based assessments to illuminate the complex intersectionality of sensory processing, memory, attention, cognitive efficiency, and social-emotional factors in the service of learning for individuals of all ages. 





  • PENT (Positive Environment Network of Trainers) Cadre member for Behavioral Supports and Intervention (Eight years). 

  • CAPTAIN (California Autism Professional Training and Information Network) previous founding member (Eight years)

  • California Association Of School Psychologists (CASP)

  • National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)

  • American Psychological Association (APA) Educational Psychology Division

Highlights of Professional Experience


  • Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Degree in School Psychology from Chapman University


  • Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Education Psychology from Chapman University


  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Education from University of California, Santa Barbara


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology from University of California, Davis

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